TBC's Gospel Tract Booklet

The Gospel: Our Problem & God's Solution

Seven illustrations from the Bible

Want to make your own booklets?

If you just want to print a copy for yourself to read, and don't want to worry about figuring out the correct page order and how to put the booklets together, just use the link above and print that. However, if you want to print out and assemble actual booklets to give away to people, then follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Download the "print the booklet" version of the PDF here. (The pages in this PDF are not in the correct order for reading on your computer, but when the booklet is printed and assembled according to the instructions below, the pages should be in the correct order matching the version in the preview above.)

Step 2: Place 1 sheet of light-colored cardstock and 5 sheets of regular white printer paper in your printer (with the cardstock on top).

Step 3: Print the PDF file. When you print, make sure that the "shrink oversized pages" or "scale to fit - print entire image" option is selected. Also, make sure to print double-sided. If your printer will not print double-sided, then first print the odd pages (1,3,5,7,9,11), reverse the page order, and then put the pages back into your printer and print the even pages (2,4,6,8,10,12).

Step 4: Place the pages down in front of you in the following order.

      1. The cover, front side facing down.
      2. The page that says "Introduction", with the "Introduction" side facing up.
      3. On top of that, the page with "1" on it (the "1" facing up).
      4. The page with the "2", with the "2" facing up.
      5. The page with the "3", with the "3" facing up.
      6. The page with the "4", with the "4" facing up.

Step 5: Cut the sheets in half. If you have a cutting board, use it to cut it at 5.5 inches so the top half and bottom half are equal-sized. (You should then have two booklets to finish assembling.)

Step 6: Fold each of the booklets in half and put two staples in the middle. (See this youtube video for a nice way to staple it.)

Step 7: [optional] Trim a little less than 1/4 inch off of the edge (on the right side of the booklet) to make it look nicer & be easier to turn the pages. (If you don't have a paper cutter that can cut through enough pages at once, you can use a metal ruler and a knife and use the method shown in this video.)

Step 8: Double-check that the order of all the pages inside is correct before you print more!